Aids Cure

Aids Cure

Combating HIV has proved one of the great challenges for science. Currently a patient is required to take antiviral drugs everyday. This is costly and drugs are not so readily available in poorer countries. Besides, the cheaper drugs where available are toxic and their long term use has proved fatal in many cases.

As knowledge keep increasing everyday about this HIV and AIDS, it has now become clear that there are only two main approaches to finding a cure. One is to seek the complete eradication of HIV from the body. However, this method is very difficult and highly dangerous to perform.

One man, the so-called Berlin patient, apparently has cleared his HIV infection, albeit by arduous bone marrow transplants. More recently, a 50-year-old man in Trenton, New Jersey, underwent a far less difficult gene therapy procedure. While he was not cured, his body was able to briefly control the virus after he stopped taking the usual antiviral drugs, something that is highly unusual.

The other method called a functional cure, would not eliminate the virus completely but would allow a person to remain healthy without antiviral drugs. This second approach is more important at the moment because HIV itself does not kill anybody nor does it cause any of the diseases found in the AIDS spectrum.

This functional cure method meets our primary focus – to save lives using Topvein, an alternative medicine which functionally prevents the development of AIDS by getting rid of both the opportunistic infections and all the over 35 diseases associated to an HIV positive test. This guarantees people of a healthier life without the need for the toxic antiviral drugs.



Topvein met all the objectives of the Observatory Clinical Study by the National AIDS Council which included evaluating Safety and Efficacy as well as Physical and Clinical status of HIV positive clients. Topvein met both the safety and Efficacy Standards of the clinical study as designed by National AIDS Council beating all the rest to produce 99% of good medical test results in the trial period.

Further, the official report indicates that: clinical (physical) status showed:

  1. Increase in body weight
  2. Increase in appetite
  3. No opportunistic infections such as meningitis, TB STI and diarrhea
  4. Increase in CD4 cell count by 99%
  5. Viral load reduction
  6. There was no toxicity which can be attributed to Topvein
  7. Liver function tests were normal
  8. Kidney function tests were normal
  9. Biochemistry of the blood e.g. hemoglobin was normal
  10. There were no deaths recorded